ER and Wellness


The purpose of this Unit is to build and maintain a sound and stable working environment and to initiate and manage implementation of employee wellness programmes, through the provision of preventative and curative healthcare initiatives, counselling, advisory services and support.The Unit is responsible for among others:

  • Grievances and Staff Misconduct Cases
  • Representation at the CCMA and Labour Court
  • Advice and Legal Opinions
  • Collective Bargaining and Union Relations
  • Employee Health & Wellness

Employee Relations

Facilitation of resolution of grievances and provision of support and guidance in handling of staff misconduct, incapacity and sexual harassment cases.

Grievance form

Grievance process flow

Sexual harassment reporting form

Disciplinary policy

Grievances policy

Code of conduct

Disciplinary hearing checklist for Chairpersons

Provide advice to Line Management on employee relations matters, policy and legal compliance.

  • Promote sound labour relations
  • Employee engagement
  • Salary negotiations
  • Union relations

Employee Health and Wellness

  • The University of Zululand recognises that problems of a personal nature can have an adverse effect on an employee’s job, health and well-being. It is recognised that a “well” employee is a prerequisite for a productive being which, in turn, is a fundamental requirement for a high performance organisation.
  • The Employee Wellness Unit implements initiatives through the provision of preventative and curative healthcare programmes, counselling, advisory services and support.

For more information:

ICAS Brochure


An accused employee is entitled to all relevant documents and information that will be used against him/her at the enquiry. He /she is not entitled to information that is not relevant to the case.

Substantive fairness relates to reasons why an employee is charged with misconduct, whether it is for a fair / valid reason whereas procedural fairness relates to the procedure that is followed in conducting a disciplinary hearing.

A grievance procedure is a process of dealing with a work related complaint by an employee against the employer or by an employee against a fellow employee, regarding a treatment that is perceived to be unfair to the complainant.

The line manager should first give an accused employee an opportunity to first state his/her side in response to the allegations preferred against him/her before a decision to suspend or not to suspend is taken. For all cases of suspension, Employee Relations must be consulted for guidance.

An accused employee may lodge an Appeal with the Vice-Chancellor within 5 days of receiving the Disciplinary Chairperson’s decision, visit the link.

It is an Employee Well-being Programme for the University of Zululand employees and their immediate family members, which is designed to look after all aspects of their personal and work related well-being. The benefits and services are provided at no cost to you and your immediate families, it is a free service.

The Employee Well-being programme is accessible through a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year toll-free line 0800 111 150 or by calling *134*905# and they will call you back, or through email: A dedicated specialist/therapist will attend to your queries/concerns.

Your conversation with the specialist/therapist is private and confidential and will not be disclosed to a third party.

You can also access the programme by having a confidential consultation with the UNIZULU Employee Wellness Specialist, who is located at Room 207, 2nd Floor Administrative Building. Her contact number is 035 902 6826.

The UNIZULU Employee Well-being Programme provides access to free professional counselling, support and information for personal, life, financial, work, legal and family related issues. Moreover, the Employee Well-being Programme brings Employee Well-being services closer to employees through health screenings, health talks – Ask a Doctor Sessions, Wellness Day, financial wellness sessions and physical wellness.

Yes it is a confidential discussion between you and the Counselor/Therapist that has been assigned to you through the Employee Well-being Programme.

The manager or a supervisor has access to a free consultation with a professional Counselor/Therapist through the helpline service, regarding the current challenges identified an advice will be given on how to manage the employee. If the challenge persists the manager can formally refer the employee to the Employee Well-being Programme to ensure that the employee is monitored for progress & support.

Contact Details

Manager: Employee Relations & Wellness
Mr. T Lebakeng

T  035 902 6403

Specialist: Employee Relations
Ms. BP Kojane
035 902 6412

Specialist: Employee Health & Wellness
Ms. SN Simelane
035 902 6826

Employee Relations & Wellness Administrator
Mrs. PP Hlongwa
035 902 6728


Specialist: Governance